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2023 Doncaster RT7 AGM

Ready for the year ahead

We’d like to start by thanking our friends at Spice and Ice in Doncaster for providing a warm welcome to our members and honoraries as we commenced our 95th AGM. We took the time to recognise the achievements of the past year before welcoming Chris Graves as our new Chairman for the year ahead.

Thanks to Andy Booth, all attendees bar the outgoing and incoming chairmen deviated from the usual formal wear to ultra-casual attire. Chris and Olly seemed less than impressed – but it proved very useful in creating another £150 for charity  in fines from the sargeant in arms, who also had to fine himself!

Special recognition was made to some of the outstanding contributions of members over the last year by Oliver in his speech – including some appreciation for Sam who received an award for keeping a good eye on administrative and paper duties over the last year.

Andy Booth and Pete Lowes were recognised with an award for their part in raising £1400  for good causes – including an additional £350 for Doncaster Hygiene bank.

Pete has agreed to tackle the Charity Officer role for the year ahead. He also received an additional trivia award for surviving to the end of question time. The final winning closest guess was that Westminister Abbey was less than 122 Metres. It was in fact, 69m.

It was a great suprise that our outgoing Chair, Oliver Watson had commisioned lovely Tractor themed table badges for the eight members and nine honorary members who attended.

Pete Bone, after a four year wait, finally got his Tankard which is presented when members graduate from Table to the 41 club.


  • Tony Bennett (Honorary)
  • Pete Bone (Honorary)
  • Andy Booth (Outgoing Charity Officer)
  • Pete Caswell (Honorary)
  • Jason Clegg (Honorary)
  • Richard Ellis (Member)
  • Chris Graves (Incoming Chairman)
  • Mike Haczynskyj (Honorary)
  • Kevin Kerley(Honorary)
  • Ryan Kerley (Member)
  • Peter Lowes (Incoming Charity Officer)
  • Sam Powell (Incoming Treasurer)
  • Chris Morrey (Honorary)
  • Paul Renton (Honorary)
  • Ian Richardson (Outgoing Treasurer)
  • Oliver Watson (Outgoing Chairman)
  • Richard Watson (Incoming President)
  • Ian Wood (Honorary)