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All fired up for a Pizza making challenge

RT7 met for a night of Pizza making which was graciously hosted by member, Andy Booth.

After getting things going with some handmade garlic bread, a range of ingredients was provided to the team including tikka chicken, onions, kebab meat, jalapenos, cheese, peppers and pepperoni.

Many valiant attempts were made using different approaches. Tim went for a deeper crust version with all the trimmings, whereas Jay tried to add his own unique flavour by dropping it on the pavement before rolling and cooking his. Andy acted as judge and declared Sam the winner – as each of his third attempts improved significantly on the last.

Another successful night, with great feedback from the team.


• Tony Bennett (Honorary)

• Andy Booth (Member)

• Tim Braithewaite (Member)

• Jason Clegg (Honorary)

• Rob Ibbotson (Member)

• Mike Haczynskyj (Honorary)

• Peter Lowes (Member)

• Sam Powell (Member)

• Richard Watson (Honorary)